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帶菌者 Carrier



CARRIER, formed in 2013, is a Pop-Rock band from Hong Kong heavily influenced by Japanese rock, funk and metal music. The idea of Carrier is to infect everyone who loves music - We create music and at the same time, music created us.

Carrier is formed with Vocalist Lung Siu Kwan, Lead guitarist Fa Mak, Bassist Mann Tse and Drummer Vincent Po.

Carrier released their first album《末樂未落》on March 2021, and held the same title cd-release concert at KITEC.

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The Origin


THE ORIGIN(成立初期暫名S.PROJECT)於2016 年12 月正式組成,隊員包括阿LOK(主音及結他手)、阿彭(主音及結他手)、JASON(和音及鼓手)及在2019年5月加入的阿晨(低音結他手)。ORIGIN,顧名思義是根源、開端、原點。樂隊誠意為每一雙耳朵獻上簡樸的樂章,從心出發,與聽眾一起享受每首原創音樂。

創作方向以小品形式表達出日常生活細節中的喜怒哀樂。暫時原創作品包括:你的樂園、日落、假裝快樂、冷戰、RAIN 等。除了以街頭音樂形式表演外,亦有於不同地點和活動參與演出,如駐唱CAFE、酒吧、多個不同手作市集(如: JCCAC 賽馬會創意藝術中心天台手作市集2017、YMCA FARM(維園)、澳門塔石藝墟、澳門南灣湖廣場)、灣仔利東街商場及美麗華商場麒麟啤啤酒節、hmv kafe 、台灣狀態音樂、順德HILL LIVE HOUSE等。

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Andy is Typing...

Andy is Typing... 是一隊於2016年初成立的的香港本地獨立搖滾樂團。成員包括有 Andy (低音結他 手)、Kelvin (敲擊/鼓手)、J.K.Y. (主音/結他手) 以及萬平 (結他手)。

Kelvin, Andy 及萬平自中學開始就一起玩音樂。在Kelvin在大學遇上JKY的一刻,樂隊展開了新的一頁。JKY受邀為樂隊主唱。Andy is typing... 正式誕生。

Andy is Typing… 的主要曲風為Alternative Rock、但求寫出忠於自己並獨特的聲音。我們已在2021年1月發佈了第一張EP 《3:1》。專輯收錄了6首歌包括《3:1 II》、《Don’t Believe 》、《因果》、《從何時變的不可能》、《Lost Pearl》、《Take A Break (Shelf-Index Remix)》。某些作品更有三語版本,分別是廣東話、國語和英語,其中《Don’t Believe》更是和 香港著名搖滾樂隊 KOLOR 合作出品!而我們的Debut Single 《Take A Break》則找來 Shelf-index 做個Remix,希望給樂迷希點驚喜。

對於Andy is Typing... 而言,音樂創作就是生命的記錄。生命中的起伏跌宕皆會融入我們的思緒及靈 魂,化成我們音樂中的喜與悲。隊名中”Typing...”的現在進行式亦有代表著「只要生命還在繼續, 我們就會一直繼續編寫我們的故事」的意義。


Andy is Typing… is an alternative rock band originated from Hong Kong. Members include Andy (Bassist) , Kelvin (Percussionist/Drummer) , J.K.Y. (Vocal/Guitarist) and Manping (Lead Guitarist) . Our influences include bands like Mr. Big, RHCP, Radiohead, etc.

<Before Andy is Typing…>

Kelvin, Andy, Manping have been playing music together since secondary school. They formed a band with another vocalist in 2013 that, although disbanded in mid 2015, created the foundation for today’s ‘Andy is typing…’. J.K.Y. met Kelvin in university which they always go busking, playing rock songs on streets. Kelvin invited J.K.Y, along with Andy and Manping, to form a new band in late 2015 - Andy is typing… was born.

<Spirit of Andy is Typing…>

Ups and downs in life all go into our souls and minds, translated into joys and sorrows of our music. Life goes on, as our story writes itself. Thus we type, and will keep on typing.

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Cozy Syndrome

Cozy Syndrome (舒適症候群) 由五位女生正式組成,無法自拔地從音樂中抒發各種情緒,就如同病態的症候群。用搖滾牽動你們的情緒,令你沈寂並投入我們舒適的音樂,抒發己言。

Cozy Syndrome, an all-female Hong Kong band with vocalist (Asana), guitarist (Forky and Gillian), bassist (Sherry) & drummer (Noel).
Categorized as pop rock, Cozy Syndrome utilize their own sound to express vivid emotions, inciting people like syndromes through every piece of their music.

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